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My name is Oleksandr Yanchak, I am an active investor and short sellerShort WALL STREET project is dedicated to active investments and short sales. My name is Oleksandr Yanchak, I am an active investor and short seller.

Why active investments? It’s simple, most of the companies on the stock market are unprofitable or mediocre, that is, their price will only fall.

The second reason is that with long-term investing, you get too little profit, which is often commensurate with inflation.

Why Short Selling? There are a whole series of reasons:

  • Stocks fall faster than they rise (fear is a stronger emotion than greed)
  • Approximately 300-500 corporations go bankrupt every year
  • At least 65% of stock market companies are unprofitable

Steady money only in active investing and Short Sales!A simple conclusion follows from this – there are more chances to make money from the fall in the price of “bad” companies than from buying “good” ones.

This is the usual mathematical expectation – the statistics are on the side of short selling.

And also, there is a mega big plus – the absence of correlation with the market. “Bad” stocks fall in price regardless of the market phase.

I use fundamental and technical analysis to analyze and invest. It sounds scary, but in fact there is nothing complicated about it.

I use fundamental analysis to find “bad” companies – it’s simple. Finding a good company is difficult, but a bad one is very easy!

Technical analysis is used only to find an entry point in order to reduce the risk of loss to a minimum, and the potential of profit – to the maximum

Structure of the Short Wall Street

For convenient navigation on the project site, project has the following structure:

  • In the “Blog” section, useful articles, own deals, market and asset analysis, project news or events are published. All posts are exclusively thematic!
  • In the “Statistics” section, I keep statistics of all my deals, profit graphs and broker account track record. Everything I write, I always confirm with my own actions and real trades. Therefore, you can familiarize yourself with the results of these agreements.
  • And the last section is “Contact“. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact me using the contacts listed in this section.

Steady money only in active investing and Short Sales!