Short position in OCUL [Ocular Therapeutix Inc]

Hallo friends!

I entered a new short position in Ocular Therapeutix Inc [OCUL:NASD]. This is a small-cap company (currently 170M$) that is constantly falling in price (for the entire history of being on the stock exchange).

The company has good fundamental background for a further price fall:

  • All time low (no resistance levels)
  • Sector Biotechnology (best companies for possible bankruptcy)
  • No insider purchases (there is one small purchase, and sales are much larger)
  • No dividends

Short position in OCUL [Ocular Therapeutix Inc]

Also we have a good technical background:

  • Lower highs on the remaining bars
  • Clear lever for breakdown + clear breakdown
  • Close level retest (buyers have no power)
  • No gaps and paranormal bars

So, I took short sale at 2.13 with a stop loss at 2.48 and full take profit at 0.38 per share.

See you in the next ideas. If you have questions – ask!


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Oleksandr Yanchak

Active investor and short seller. Most of the market is bad and mediocre companies. Then why buy them? Find a good entry point with minimal risk - and sell. Steady money only in Short Sales!

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